Some of the country’s shyest, weirdest and rarest inhabitants have stepped into the limelight on TVNZ’s new digital channel, TVNZ 6.

Meet the Locals is a new series of four-minute shows featuring everything from electric fishing for our enigmatic native fish, to getting up close and personal with New Zealand’s mysterious short-tailed bats.

The series has emerged from a partnership between the Department of Conservation and TVNZ 6. Meet the Locals will be screened in the ‘Family’ time slot on TVNZ 6 (4pm-8.30pm) and will also be available on the DOC website and beyond.

“This initiative is tremendous for DOC – allowing us to reach new audiences and grow awareness of just how easy it is to get into the wilds of New Zealand and see what millions of people travel here every year to experience,” said Director-General, Al Morrison.

“Meet the Locals is designed to give New Zealand audiences a taste of the surprising and inspiring stories of their natural heritage and TVNZ is proud to present this special series for viewers of TVNZ 6, the first of our new digital channels”, said TVNZ Commissioner Philippa Mossman.

“It is filmed throughout New Zealand, and showcases every aspect of conservation in New Zealand, including native wildlife, pest control, recreation opportunities and our cultural and historic heritage.”
Hosted by DOC’s Nicola Vallance, who regularly features on TV One’s Good Morning, Meet the Locals will showcase “kiwi natives, local plants, local animals and the humans who love to look after them”. The series features DOC staff, businesses, communities and individuals who are all involved in looking after our wildlife and wild places.

Some of the stories that will be available from Sunday 30th on TVNZ 6 and the DOC website include;

  • Native bird rehabilitation (featuring Keko the tui!)
  • Visit to Tieke Kainga marae on the Wanganui Great River Journey
  • Pingao planting on Turakina Beach, Palmerston North
  • Bridge to Nowhere, Wanganui National Park
  • Community ‘field day’ on stoat trapping in the Retaruke Valley
  • Waikanae Estuary care group

Please visit the DOC website to view the first episodes.

For information about Meet the Locals and new ‘Family’ time slot on TVNZ 6, please visit and enter the keyword FAMILY.

Meet the Locals

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  • Ranger Nic

    Hi all,

    Just in addition to the info above, if you haven’t got freeview yet, you can view “Meet the Locals” (the first few for now anyway) on . enjoy!

  • Cherie Hemsley

    Do you know if the entire “Meet The Locals” series is available on DVD for purchase?

  • Hi Cherie,

    We haven’t quite finished filming them all yet!!! But we’re very close. I guess the choice to put Meet the Locals on DVD would be made by TVNZ and would be determined by demand. Glad you’re enjoying the show! happy to try to answer any other questions you might have.