Oscar Temaru interview (newly elected president of Tahiti)

The newly elected president of Tahiti’s government, independence party leader Oscar Temaru, gives his first New Zealand interview to NATIVE AFFAIRS presenter Julian Wilcox on Maori Television this Sunday September 30 at 8.00 PM.

This is Tahiti’s sixth government since 2004 and the third time in three years that the 62-year-old has been elected president of French Polynesia.

Other stories in the hour-long show include a panel discussion about the growing number of Maori living in Australia; a look at how Maori are revolutionising Maori customs and practices on the internet as a means of keeping in touch; and the 20-year anniversary of the total immersion unit at Auckland Girl’s Grammar School.

For debate, opinion and insight, tune into NATIVE AFFAIRS on Maori Television on Sunday at 8.00 PM and repeated the following Monday at 10.00 PM.

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