Premieres October 11

Emmy Award-winning host Jeff Probst returns for the fifteenth instalment of the phenomenally successful Survivor series. Survivor: China premieres Thursday, October 11th at 8:30pm on 3.

Survivor: China will feature a cast of 16 Americans who will begin the series amid the bustle of downtown Shanghai before moving to HuangPu Mountain’s Mi Tuo Temple for a Buddhist ceremony where they will be instructed to leave all of their worldly possessions behind.

The castaways will then be marooned with only the clothes on their back to two separate islands on Zhelin Lake (the Land of 1,000 Lakes) located in the Jiangxi Province.

There they will split into two tribes, Fei Long (Flying Dragon) and Zhan Hu (Fighting Tiger), and will each be given a copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War for tribe motivation and assistance throughout the game.

Survivor: China will once again afford each tribe the opportunity to obtain a Hidden Immunity Idol which may save someone from elimination at a future Tribal Council. This time, two Hidden Immunity Idols will be in plain sight, one at each camp, although the castaways will not realise this at the start of the game.

This season of Survivor will also see many firsts for the top-rating show. Of course, there will always be conflicts, extreme challenges, and juicy relationships. That will not change on Survivor: China.

However, each week the winning tribe of the Reward Challenge will be allowed to kidnap someone from the losing tribe. The person who is kidnapped will receive a note from Jeff before departing for the enemy camp and will be instructed to give it to one member of the enemy tribe in private.

The clue will inform this person of the Hidden Immunity Idol located somewhere at their camp. This person will then decide if they wish to share the information with their tribe or keep it to themselves. The kidnapped victim will return to their original tribe at the following Immunity Challenge.

Don’t miss the season premiere of the exciting new series of Survivor, Survivor: China, screens Thursday, October 11th at 8:30pm on 3.

Survivor wallpaper:

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  • dsv

    Oh, awesome wallpaper thanks!!! Looks like it wil be a great season. Havent seen any spoilers yet (phew)!

  • Rikki

    Am excited about this! Always look forward to another series! Will be good to have this to take over from Amazing Race.:)

    I know not everyone is happy to have another one though – including in my house! Hubby will just have to put up with it again.;)

  • Finally Free

    Very cool, and Thursday sounds like a good timeslot too.

  • MrCynical

    urgh, why not just watch repeats of the old series, its not like they do anything new

  • Finally Free

    You do realise that you give away the fact that you know nothing about what you’re talking about with that that comment, don’t you Mr Cynical?

    There’s the obvious – different contestants make the show incredibly different just by themselves. Some seasons are brilliant, some aren’t that great, which is all down the contestants and group dynamics. But then of course there’s the new features which they bring in and develop.

  • chelan

    yes, it sounds like an awesome season! nothing will ever beat survivor: cook islands though, that was quite possibly the best season…

  • Rikki

    Enjoying this as much as ever.:)

    Stupid move this week, sending off they guy who was doing most of the work – even if he is annoying. Should have sent the black woman home. She admited she does nothing and they all seemed to know it too, going by their faces at the council at the end when she was speaking.

    But people I disliked the most was that guy (Dave?) and JohnRobert in the other team.

  • Rikki

    One of the most disappointing esisodes I can remember.

    Used to like Jamie but last night she came across as a stupid giggly girl that I wanted to slap, to take that annoying ‘aren’t we clever’ smile off her face! Thinking she was so smart – and that asian girl I wasn’t impressed with either. As James said, the idea is to try your best to win for your team, not act stupid and plainly throw the game. Can see just angry James was – rightly so! If he goes next week through another thrown game it will be sooo unfair. Not a good idea at that time, splitting the teams the way they did.

    Just hope something happens that rebounds on Jamie and the asian girl.:(

  • blah

    it was a good move though, strategically. provided it works on their part.

  • Rikki

    Strategically it was, but still so annoyed by how obvious it was and how that stupid girl couldn’t stop giggling and showing how she thought they were so smart.

    Still really want James to overcome being set up next week again.

  • Rikki

    Well, James was saved – and would have been whatever happened. Wonder now if he’ll keep the idol to himself or remember how he came to get it and stay true to his old team mates.
    I never like to watch the food weeks. Just have to look away for that.:(

    All together next week already!

    Be glad to see the last of JohnRobert!