Saturday 15 September, 10.00am

Let’s Get Inventin’
Saturday 15 September, 10.00am

This Saturday morning on TV2, you can catch the first episode of the brand-new series of Let’s Get Inventin’ if you missed Sunday’s show… and then of course tune in again on Sunday for a brand-new inventin’-adventure!

Up front for every episode is this year’s brand-new presenter, Geoff Bell. Geoff’s on board to take the kid-ventors through all the different stages of their challenge, and also to pitch-in along the way. Producer and Goober Brother Luke Nola says, “Geoff’s an on and off-screen star – he knows where the ‘rubber meets the road’, and has stepped up to take our young inventors through their Goober Challenge. The Goober Institute are pleased to have Geoff’s skills as an inventor, mechanic, fabricator and all-round nice guy to take our young inventors through their wild TV inventin’ roller-coaster ride.”
Hailing from Springston, outside Christchurch, Geoff has a background as a cameraman. He has a lot of on-camera experience too, in roles presenting for Performace Car TV, Juice TV, MTV and Pulp Sport. But this is his first time making kids TV, and he is loving it. He says the focus in this job is not on ‘being cool’ like it is on music TV. He likes hanging out with the kids, and seeing how much they think about other people’s needs. His role is that of presenter, mentor, and ‘Build Buddy’, getting hands-on with the inventions as an assistant, and often stepping in for things like welding or lifting heavy parts, which the kids themselves can’t do.

Geoff’s favourite experience filming the series came about with the invention called ‘Acoustic Apparel’. This great idea for clothing that can be hooked up to an mp3 player to let people feel, as well as hear, music, was taken for it’s test run out to the Deaf Foundation – where they held a ‘silent disco’. Geoff says he was blown away watching the reactions of the deaf children, “these kids had never heard music before, but they could feel it and were dancing!”

Of course like many Kiwi kids, Geoff has come up with many inventions of his own over the years, the least successful being attempted when he was eight years old. He thought it would be easier to get from his room to the garage via flying fox, so built one using a coat hanger… but was left with quite a few injuries! He clearly needed the Goober Brothers back in those days. The Let’s Get Inventin’ kid-ventors have had a lot more luck than him, and he says one invention he’d really like to take home with him is the ‘Briefcase Scooter’ – which is an environmentally friendly way to get yourself to public transport. And he could also do with a ‘Can Man’ at home, so he’d never have to take the rubbish out again!

But, despite all the crazy fun that he’s been having he says, “the most valuable thing about Let’s Get Inventin’ is that it is amazingly entertaining, but also manages to educate the kids watching. They can see how things like maths and science can be used to do cool stuff in the real world.”

“This show has taught me that absolutely anything out there can be improved. As long as you’ve got a good team around you, you can create and build anything you want.”

Be inspired by Let’s Get Inventin’, Saturday at 10.00am and Sunday at 5.00pm on TV2.

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