Sky to offer Freeview after all - perhaps

The Dominion Post has reported that Sky TV may have found a way to let its subscribers tune in to TVNZ’s new free to air channels TVNZ6 and TVNZ7 by implementing a firmware upgrade to their existing bset top boxes which would allow them to toggle between Freeview and Sky.

TVNZ’s Rick Ellis said “Irrespective of technical issues about whether Sky can or can’t take the channels, we would be extraordinarily surprised if a pay-TV business, substantially foreign-owned, would seek to antagonise the Government and its crown-owned broadcaster in this way” but Sky’s John Fellet dismissed the comment saying that if the government had any concern then they should contact him.

However, a spokesperson for the Broadcasting Minister, Steve Maharey, said the debate over whether Sky should be able to offer TVNZ6 and TVNZ7 is a “commercial matter” and Mr Maharey will not get involved.

Does anyone else find it incredibly ironic that the government thinks it is a commercial matter and shouldn’t get involved. They seemed to have no problem getting involved over the commercial matters of salary.

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  • DaMo

    Sky won’t do it.

  • campgrrls

    I think the government responded to matters of salary of news readers, cos a lot of people think that the government has some responsibility for not allowing such inflated salaries for news readers on the state supported channel.

  • Darren Sharpe

    Sky Digital UK have an option in the setup menu to manually add channels, all you need to do is set all values to pick up the channels. I am not sure about older decoders but the Pace boxes use the same hardware, so a simple software update will be easy, since the background program is the same.

  • Alistair George

    Since TVNZ owns TV6 and forthcoming TV7 they own copyright. Therefore Sky should not be legally allowed to broadcast these channels without prior permission, which could be granted with a proviso that Prime TV is offered to the Freeview platform, and not limited to terrestrial as current.
    Personally, I am impressed with the Freeview offerings, but miss the ability to tune Prime.