Sunday 30 September


In the second episode of this BBC comedy series about a small time drug dealer, Moz (Johnny Vegas) tries to get rid of the rats so that Nicki will come back.

Moz has some new dope, but it is not as good quality as the stuff that Paul reclaimed and his clients are not happy. Craig keeps stalking Moz to buy some gear, but after the confrontation with Paul, Moz is not interested in customers apart from his regulars. Moz arranges to meet China at a nightclub, where his best mate Kuldip is DJing. China, Asia and Daniel all come back to Moz’s bedsit afterwards. When Asia departs with Daniel, Moz is left alone with China – a situation he thoroughly enjoys, but will China feel the same about being alone with him?

IDEAL, Sunday 30th September at 11.30pm

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