The Contender Series 3 - Wednesday 12 September

The Contender
Wednesday 12 September, 9.30pm

The Contender returns to TV2 for a third series, this time with boxers from all over the world competing for a chance to change their lives.

Starting this Wednesday on TV2, follow ten super-middleweight fighters as they compete for the chance win $1 million and the Contender title. Boxing legend and five-time world champion Sugar Ray Leonard serves as host and mentor, guiding the boxers through the most intense training of their career and the most challenging experience of their lives.
The professional boxers convene at a training camp where they will live, eat, sleep and train together. Each episode will culminate in a 5-round professional bout where the winner moves one step closer to the huge prize – which will change their and their family’s lives forever.

The boxers hail from all over the world and represent the best and most promising talent available. Two Australians are in the running this series, and both look set to give the other Contenders a run for their money.

Sakio ‘Scorpion’ Bika (28) was born and raised in Cameroon, and now resides in Sydney with his wife and two-year-old son. He represented Cameroon at the Sydney Olympics, and while there loved it so much he decided to live there. Sakio now has several title bouts on his resume including the Australian Middleweight title and New South Wales Middleweight title. Bika is aware of how truly lucky he is, because as he explains it, where he grew up there is no future. Joining him is Melbourne native Sam ‘King’ Soliman (33), who’s proudest moment as a fighter was winning the Commonwealth Title in 2001.

With ages ranging from 23 to 34, many of the fighters have young families, some have troubled backgrounds, and all have an incredible drive to succeed. Viewers will get a first-hand look into the real-life hopes, dreams, triumphs, and defeats of these modern-day gladiators, and this time, every round counts. Who will become the next Contender?

Get in the ring with TV2 for The Contender, Wednesday 12 September, 9.30pm.

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About the author

  • Brian Martin

    Im a big fan of the contender so when i eared an old school friend of mine was to be on the show i was so excited for the new series to begin. everyone in liverpool knows just how goos Paul Smith Jnr is now its time for the world to see. GOOD LUCK MATE.

  • Jada

    How do you get started to be a contender. Will there be a season 4? If so how does one get on the show.

  • saf

    brian vere got knocked out by jaidon

  • daniel

    Sam ‘KING’soliman will win do it for aus i love that guy one of the best fighters aus is with u

  • Rick Graves

    Sorry to say that the Aussie Sam’KING’Soliman was a one dimentional fighter who will be knocked out next time he steps in to contender ring.

  • daniel

    get fkdd u wish hes a legend u mess wid him u messiin wid aus

  • Chris

    Well im with u mate, and im not even frm oz, im frm the uk, sam all the way he jst seems a nice dwn to earth guy, and hes all ready been number 1 in the world, so heres hopin he wins it all:D

  • daniel

    thax mate i recon so 2 hes a good bloke did any of uses wach him fight danny grree? cmon soliman

  • Kylie

    Im over here in Melbourne, watching sammy every monday night… Go Sammy, he deserves this…. He has worked long and hard to be where he is today… Love ya Sammy

  • luné

    I forgot to tape last night’s episode for Hubby! He gonna be sooooo disappointed.
    Anyone got a copy of Season 4 (last few episodes?)