Three-part mini-series - Thursday 27 September


Replacing TRUE STORIES is the new three-part mini-series THE LOST ROOM starring Peter Krause (Six Feet Under). Krause stars alongside Julianna Margulies (ER, The Sopranos) and Kevin Pollack (The Drew Carey Show) as Detective Joe Miller, a man desperate to find the one thing he holds most dear in his life: his daughter.

The series revolves around the titular room and 100 everyday items from that room that possess unusual powers. Joe Miller, is searching for these Objects to rescue his daughter, Anna, who has disappeared inside the Room. Once a typical room at a 1960s motel along Route 66, the Lost Room now exists outside of normal time and space. In the 1960s, there still were hundreds of motels with thousands of rooms along Route 66 as it twisted its way from Chicago to Los Angeles and back. None of them stood out from the rest until one day when some unknown event at the Sunshine Motel transformed ordinary things into items of wonder. Room 10 of the Sunshine Motel and many of its mundane contents — a pair of scissors, a comb and so on — gained unique and inexplicable properties on that day, transforming them from ordinary objects into indestructible Objects. To possess an Object is to possess its power. For decades, Object seekers have organized themselves into groups, or cabals, in order to collect all the Objects. Some want unlimited power, and they believe getting all of the Objects will give them that. Others want to prevent anyone from ever again using the Objects. It’s said that while you have one of the Objects, you have no friends, only people waiting for an opening. Police Detective Joe Miller was introduced to the motel room when a young man whose was fatally shot gave him one of the most powerful and coveted Objects of them all: the Key to the motel room. His life is immediately turned upside down when his young daughter becomes lost in the room. In his relentless quest to rescue his little girl, Joe becomes the target of shadowy figures who will stop at nothing to take from him his only hope of saving her — the Key.

THE LOST ROOM, Thursday 27th September at 8.30pm

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  • Wingles

    Am I the only one watching this ? On reading the premise it seemed a bit cheesy but I decided to watch for the Peter Krause factor and was pleasantly surprised.
    Originally this screened over three nights when it aired on the Sci Fi channel in the US but Prime has broken it down into 6 parts. I would have preferred the three part format.

    It is rather obvious they were hoping to spin off a series from the mini series but from what I have seen that didn’t happen and Krause is now busy at work on a new series.
    Elle Fanning is a clone of her big sister Dakota, I think they harvested “child star” dna to recreate her.

  • campgrrls

    I’m watching it. It’s very imaginative and dramatically engaging. I thought it was a long series. Pity!

  • Wingles

    I don’t know how it ends but I am thinking due to the fact they were hoping to spin off a series that it might have a non ending end. I hate that.

  • Wingles

    Did anyone watch last night that can explain what it is the Playing cards actually do.
    I could probably trawl the net looking for an answer but thought I would ask here first.