Throng launches world-first Web 2.0 TV listings format

Throng has today launched a world-first web 2.0 television listings format.

In development for more than two years, the new format replaces the traditional TV guide grid and makes it easier to find what is on at a glance.

Shows are displayed based on what is on now, what starts in the next hour and what is on in prime time tonight. Shows are weighted according to popularity on Throng.

Members may personalise their listings to highlight their favourite shows and hide ones they’re not interested in.

“We’ve thought long and hard about TV listings and what we’d like them to be. We found traditional listings hard to scan because they’re organised by channel and you can easily miss things. We’ve removed the clutter and made your choice simpler,” says co-founder Regan Cunliffe.

See the new look listings from today at Throng!


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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • openmedia

    Ok so how can I find out the basics like
    1. Time program starts and
    2. Channel

    Next up is the stuff I was hoping you were going to offer in the way of true accurate listings and detail for example.
    1. Details of the show/episode
    2. Episode Name
    3. Stars
    4. Director
    5. Is it a repeat
    6. 4:3 or widescreen
    7. If a movie has it been cut for TV

  • regan

    Some of your answers can be found here:

    If you mouse over the show on the listings, the time and channel will appear for you.

    The main thrust of the listings is to help make an easier decision by removing all the clutter that you have mentioned. For the majority of people, the episode name, details about the show, what dimension it is in is somewhat redundant.

    Collating all the information you suggest would require an enormous amount of work with the more than 600 shows that air each week on FTA. If you add all the other pay channels you’re talking thousands. Again, is it information that you really need in order to decide whether you want to watch something.

    In a lot of cases, clicking through to the shows page will have additional information.

  • tvnewser

    “1. Details of the show/episode
    2. Episode Name
    3. Stars
    4. Director
    5. Is it a repeat
    6. 4:3 or widescreen
    7. If a movie has it been cut for TV”

    I was kind of expecting these things as well…
    People who are dedicated enough to visit a television blog website generally would have an idea of when the shows they like to watch are on anyway. I think that people visiting a site like this would be after more detailed information than “what’s on now”.

    I also don’t understand how the number of articles/posts makes a show more popular – especially when the category is “Movies”. Some shows just generally have more news about them circulating.

  • falconernz

    I’d hardly call it revolutionary. Completely agree with information about Episodes being provided.

  • regan

    The definition of what is popular is going to evolve

  • openmedia

    Ok so I can mouse over to get a start time, what about the end time, or comparing what else is on at a given time. Not much use for setting a VCR etc.

    Gird listings can work, for example the primetime grid at the bottom of Click on a show and you get some real details.

  • tvnewser

    I agree, grid TV listings give the viewer a much clearer idea in their mind of what will be on and at what times.

    A simple list of what is on TV now and some of the things that are going to be on later is not really that helpful in my opinion.

  • Mel

    It’s simple, it’s fast, it tells me what’s on tonight. I like it.

  • ChchTVaddict

    Well I really like it! Thanks

  • Ange

    Less is more! Love it 😀

  • Tui

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been enjoying using it – it’s not biased (channel loyalty) and I can look twice at shows that I wouldn’t usually think over when checking the newspaper listings or such.

  • campgrrls

    I prefer a hardcopy of a grid on the time/channel axes in order to organise my viewing. I only look at online listings when I can’t find my copy of The Listener. But then I find grids online tend to not be as easy to use. So an interactive version does make sense.

    But the problem with both IMO is that no-one lists Triangle alongside the other free-to-air channels. A grid might be more of a problem if I had Sky, but it works fine for FTA listings… except for the Triangle ommission.

  • fredifender

    Well I think it would be bl**y great ………… if the TV stations put something on air worth watching.

    I have my own grid system in my mind and the TV stations have made it very simple, I dont need to look at this web site.

  • tvnewser

    Haha yeah I kinda picture a grid guide in my mind too.

  • Rachel

    campgirls, Triangle has just sent us their listings for Stratos, Auckland and Wellington so that’s coming v soon 🙂

  • DeViI D0do

    Honestly, I much prefer the simple ‘grid’ listings… “Now” “Soon” and “Tonight” are really no use to me. Having to mouse over a title to see when it starts is annoying… and it’s also annoying not having a finish time.

    Also, I generally like to check listings for the whole week, not just now or soon.

    I do like how this system is more show based than channel based, though. The shows themselves are much more important. Except the grid system allows you to easily see clashes…

    Of course, all of this is moot as there’s never anything worth watching anyway. Now we can just be more aware of what crap we’re missing while we’re on Throng.

  • Rachel

    Finish time has been added now.

  • Richard Principal

    Wow man this beats my TV Guide

    it goes

    Now 11:15

    Soon 11:30


  • regan

    Thanks to everyone for their comments.

    The main question we wanted to answer, at a glance, was is there anything worth watching on TV tonight and we’re really happy with what it does.

    Using it ourselves there are things that we have watched purely because we wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

    Personalising it and removing things you’re not interested in makes it an even better tool.

    This is by no means a final product. We have a number of changes that we want to implement with it to ensure the tool can be used by a wide range of people for numerous tasks but we don’t want to clutter it up by adding a lot of additional information.

    Clicking through to shows pages will change. Any suggestions are always appreciated. If anyone wants to offer to help add information to shows pages then we certainly wont complain.

  • Tui

    Using it ourselves there are things that we have watched purely because we wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

    Me too! 😀

  • DevilDodo

    Definitely needs more than just the day’s listings imo…

  • regan

    Weekly listings may be something we’ll look at further down the track as that is a cost issue.

  • campgrrls

    Thanks Rachel re-Triangle. It’ll be good not to have to keep checking Triangles online listing for their channel only.

  • Canabalistic Waffle

    Is it just me or has the bar thing not appeared for the last couple of days??

  • Tui

    There don’t seem to be any listings today…

  • Canabalistic Waffle

    Thanks, so it wasn’t just me lol
    They are back now:D