Thursday 11 October

In his quest to save Anna, Joe is thrust into the world of the Object-seekers. He is apprehended by Karl Kreutzfeld, who reveals the history of Room 10 and his personal motivation for collecting Objects: he is trying to save his own young son, who suffers from leukemia.

Kreutzfeld believes that the key to helping Anna lies with the Collectors, a group of people who discovered the Objects back in the 1960s and were the first to attempt to bring all the Objects back together.

The Collectors were said to have located The Prime Object — a much-theorised, potentially mythical Object that many believe can control all the others.

Joe uses Jennifer Bloom’s connections in the Legion to go in search of the last known original Collector, a woman named Barbara Stritzke. Together Joe and Jennifer learn that Barbara is dead, and that she left all her possessions to her eccentric, troubled nephew, Harold (Ewen Bremner).

Among those possessions were the Comb — an Object that can stop time for five seconds — and a stack of Polaroids that seem to be clues to a deeper mystery.

After a battle with the Order that nearly costs Harold his life, he realises that the price of owning an Object is too high to pay. He gives Joe the Comb and the Polaroids and leaves the world of Objects behind.

Thursday 11th October at 9.30pm

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