Thursday 4 October


When their worries over the fact that he might be dying lead Joy to want to have sex more often, Eddie doesn’t want to break the spell after learning that he isn’t really sick.

After back pain sends him in for an MRI, Eddie leaves the hospital convinced that he is dying, despite not having heard anything from his doctor. While Joy finds his paranoia annoying, when the situation reminds Steph of the loss of her twenty-one-year-old cat, Mr. Pajamas, she has nothing but sympathy for Eddie. Still, when Joy can’t keep from worrying just a little about what might happen if he should die, Eddie is overjoyed when she decides that they should be having sex as often as possible. So when the doctor finally calls to say that he has nothing to worry about, Eddie decides not to tell Joy.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 4th October at 7.30pm

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