TV3 Film Festival: Pavilion of Women - Friday October 5 at 11:30 pm

Friday, October 5th at 11:30pm

3 Film Festival: Pavilion Of Women

Based on a Pearl S. Buck novel, this beautiful and inspiring Chinese film begins in 1938, with Communist rebels on the rise in China and Imperial Japan intent upon expanding its rule. Lord Wu (Shek Sau) is a feudal leader who rules both his community and his family with an iron fist. But his wife, Madame Wu (Luo Yan), has grown weary of her husband’s dominance. With her son (John Cho) 18 and engaged to be married, Madame Wu sees her responsibilities to her family all but complete, and breaks with tradition to have a young concubine brought into the household. Free from sexual obligations to her husband, Madame Wu finds herself falling in love with a European missionary (Academy Award-nominee Willem Dafoe), but her new freedom comes at a cost greater than she could ever imagine.

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