2007 Vodafone Music Awards

Tonight’s the biggest night this year in New Zealand music: it’s the 2007 Vodafone Music Awards! Presented by Dai Henwood, the awards are screened on C4 at 8:30pm and streamed online, with live red carpet coverage from 4pm.

Evermore, Opshop, Hollie Smith and Brooke Fraser are up for the most nominations but click for a full list of nominees »

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  • Rikki

    Would really like to watch it – but how do I get round seeing ‘Survivor’, ‘McLeods Daughters’ and now this – all at the same time! With nothing on to watch most of the rest of the week.:(

  • MrCynical

    I miss the days when we had attractive bands and singers. Whatever happened to Zed?

  • kiwijem

    Easy decision, Rikki – McLeods comes before everything else! ­čśë LOL

  • Tui

    Some of the Shorty cast are going – should be a good night!

  • Rikki

    Ended up watching Awards, recording Survivor and missing McLeods. Not into it so much anymore!

    Was hoping and expecting Evermore and Opshop to share most of the awards, but not so!:(
    Didn’t know who Mint Chicks are – the name sounds like a girl band.
    Can’t understand how bands that have been so successful with their singles and albums with sales and on air, and touring were beaten over and over by a group I hadn’t heard of!
    Glad the People’s choice was for Opshop at least. Shows who the public like!

    And very happy that Evermore won best single and gave a fantastic performance! My son saw them ‘live’ recently at a corporate event, and was really impressed by them! And he’s hard to please, expects quality performances, and got it with Evermore he said! Maybe next time they tour he’ll go with me now.;)

    Hollie ? seemed strange. Again, was expecting Brooke Fraser would have won more of the awards that Hollie took out.

  • DevilDodo

    It never fails to astound me the half-arsedness of these events…

    Spose it doesn’t help when the winners are all jumping all over the furniture.

  • Alaina Roar

    Rikki, The Mint Chicks are actually quite popular. I’m not really into their music but I do like a couple of their more recent songs.


  • falconernz

    Rikki it not a popularity contest that is why they have categories like peoples choice. It is who the industry thinks deserves the award and album sales, one would hope, have very little to do with it – just because somethings popular doesn’t mean its good.

    Holly has ten times more talent than Brooke.

  • DevilDodo

    Carly and James presenting was excruciating.

  • campgrrls

    I prefer Hollie Smith to Brooke Fraser (who I find boring). Hollie Smith has a much more quirky and interesting voice and song choice.

    I also preferred Mint Chicks’ song on the C4 awards prog to Evermore. Evermore seemed quite tame and MOR to me. Mint Chicks have a quirky sound that kind of confuses gender boundaries – quite macho in a way but laced with a kind of emotional tone more associated with female singers. Loved the rocking version of Lawdy Miss Claudy!!!!

    I like that song I Maybe Crazy, but I’m Not Dumb. Anika Moa has a very gay sounding version of it on youtube.

    Self promos of TV3 were excruciating and I switched the sound off….. ditto for Holmes.

  • bobscoffee

    once again coverage of an event screwed up by c4. why do they have to break up the awards ceremony to waste time showing that ex-what now presenter wander around back stage talking about nonsense? is it because c4 don’t have confidence in the mc’s of the awards show and think broadcasting the complete awards ceremony would be too boring?

  • Rachel

    What I don’t get is why we never get awards ceremonies live here.