Anne Thorp presents Maori cuisine

Fresh, unadulterated fare, mixed with fabulous music and eclectic guests are the essential ingredients for Maori Television’s top rating cuisine show, KAI ORA, premiering Sunday December 2 at 7.00 PM.

Hosted by the multi talented Anne Thorp, KAI ORA is a celebration of fine dining, Maori style.

Colourful, simple, flavorsome food is the order of the day on KAI ORA, prepared in one of Anne’s two commercial kitchens in Herne Bay and Pakiri Beach – enjoyed with two essential ingredients: good friends and lots of laughter.

Anne practices the philosophy of manaakitanga – or Maori hospitality. Each week she prepares exquisitely mouthwatering dishes sourced from New Zealand’s finest produce for her invited guests. In return, they grace the occasion with a waiata or song, bringing the notion of ‘singing for one’s supper’ back to its roots.

Anne’s friends include entertainers Whirimako Black, Moana Maniopoto, Anika Moa, Madeleine Sami and Boh Runga, so guitars will often appear and strumming and singing, from opera to rock, become enjoyable accompaniments to the eating. Other famous faces to make an appearance this series are Judy Bailey, Alison Holst, Betty Cuthbert along with Peter Urlich and Karl Urban.

KAI ORA is about easy cooking and easy eating, laid back recipes that keep you feeling like summer never ended and that the kitchen is not a place you escape from, but the place you escape to. KAI ORA , a refreshing vision of haute cuisine, Maori style.

Join Maori Television for the new series of KAI ORA with Anne Thorp – an irresistible combination of exquisite healthy food, music and laughter – premiering Sunday December 2 at 7.00 PM.

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About the author

  • Anne Batistich

    Hello Anne,
    I just caught the the last 10 or so minutes of the programme on sunday 17/02/08 Can I please have the name of the asian lady playing the stringed instrument? If she has a cd or tape I would love to buy it. Her music was just so beautiful as is a lot of the music that you have on the programme. Absolutely love your programme but it is a battle for the tv sometimes.


  • Amanda Cosseboom


    I love your show, i was wondering if you had a cook book available at all. My husband loves your food

  • Esmay Wharewera

    Kia Ora Annie

    Mann i always watch your cooking show on Maori TV. i first saw your show on the food television channel on sky and I must admit that I am addicted to your show. Love the food that you cook and always the different type of food and flavours that you put together and also the music as well. Anyway as i see in one of the comments that they ask if you have a cook book and Im also wondering if you do or even a DVD of your show.

    Anyway I have left my email address there and hope to hear from you soon.

    Naku Noa

    Esmay wharewera

  • Cherri Davidson

    Kia Ora Annie

    I to am a huge fan of your show. I really miss watching it. Are you able to advise if you have a cook book out at all please, if so how can i go about getting once.


  • Tom Kenney

    Brilliant show. Saw the Cook’s Turban episode last night & managed to get some at the local Takapuna market this morning so we are having that tonight. Keep up the great work! P.S. Who designed your kitchen? We love it!

  • Kia ora,

    He tino reka to kai!

    I am a librarian and would like to purchase some books for our library. We are really lacking in Maori Kai cook books. Do you have one published and are you going to?

    Ma te wa,

  • K@auce

    Hi, I am a big fan of your show, its a very refreshing approach! I have a strange question… I LOVE your fridges and have been looking for some the same. What brand are they?


  • joan post

    I would love to purchase Kai Ora cookbook but no one has it here in Gisborne, Any idea where I could purchase it?
    Your help would be great.

  • Janice

    Kia ora Ann,

    Watch your show all the time, tumeke, beautiful presention of kai…Love the seafood..I myself love cooking,would like to know if their is anyway that your kai,could be cooked on a budget.Would like to hear your comment..