Brenda Holloway (Katherine McRae) Investigates

Shortland Street Weeknights, 7.00pm

Nurse Brenda Holloway (Katherine McRae) decides to do some investigating of her own on Shortland Street this week.

Recently Brenda has noticed that there have been a series of near fatal cardiac arrests occurring in seemingly stable patients at the hospital. Sensing that there is more to the arrests than meets the eye, Brenda starts to do some sleuthing in the hope that she will uncover evidence.
“Brenda is looking into these strange cases of respiratory and cardiac arrest. People with no prior indicators are starting to arrest,” Katherine McRae says. “She finds an unlabeled syringe in a ward, gets it tested, and it turns out to be suxamethonium – a powerful drug used only in emergency departments and operating theatres. So she realises that there is something really sinister going on.”

Trying to fast track her investigation, Brenda asks long time friend and clinic administrator Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan) to procure some personnel files for her. But, torn between her loyalty to Brenda and staff confidentiality, Yvonne refuses her request.

“Brenda is never one to back off when she has the bit between her teeth,” McRae comments. “Even when Scotty (Kiel McNaughton) tells her not to continue with the investigation, and Yvonne warns her against it, she feels that lives are at risk and she is not the type to just let it go.” Despite that fact that everyone is weary of her motives, Brenda chooses to plough on with her investigation, risking both her job and further damaging her reputation.

When new Doctor Gavin Capper (Tim Schijf) is delayed for a patient resuscitation, Brenda takes it upon herself to question his lateness. Her suspicions are intensified when he immediately becomes defensive. But Gavin isn’t her only suspect. “Brenda also questions Joey about his movements within the hospital,” says McRae. “Dr Durville also feels accused when she asks him about how the suxamethonium gets into the ward”.

Instead of attending the Halloween party, persistent Brenda decides to remain at work to do some more investigating and quickly realises that she may have found a pivotal piece of evidence when looking through staff rosters. However, her plans to reveal all to management and the police team are thwarted when nursing manager Scotty finds out what Brenda has done.

“She looks through the rosters to see if there’s a staff member who’s been there at every one of these strange arrests,” McRae says. “But just as she thinks she is onto something Scotty catches her in a restricted area and puts a stop to it.”

Will she get the chance to pass on the information she’s procured or has Brenda alienated herself from the staff too much to be trusted?

Shortland Street, weeknights 7.00pm

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