British Animated Series for Preschoolers

Boblins Daily, at 6.50am, 10.50am and 2.50pm

Boblins is an award-winning British animated series for preschoolers that screens worldwide, from Australia to North America, Scandinavia to the Caribbean, and throughout Europe.

The series launches in New Zealand on TVNZ 6 on September 30, where it plays three times each day within TVNZ Kidzone (6.50am, 10.50am and 2.50pm).
The Boblins are kind, loving, mischievous characters, who live in a land full of colour, existing in harmony with nature, and caring for the animals, plants and trees.

Each of the seven Boblins represents one of the seven colours of the rainbow and possesses the characteristics and mood associated with their colour:

Bodkin (Blue) is the calm and wise leader of the group; Onny (Orange) is loving, kind and motherly; Yam Yam (Yellow) is always happy and sometimes over excitable, but can always be relied upon to come up with a plan when one is needed; Gully (Green) is practical and hard-working – she looks after the animals that live on the farm and is very interested in recycling and the environment; Pi (Violet) is a mine of information, but he would rather make things up to hide the embarrassment of not knowing an answer; Pinny (Indigo) is very kind, creative, artistic and gentle and often paints pictures when she walks through the countryside; and Ruddle (Red) can be a little grumpy at times, but in a very funny way. He is practical, can fix anything and has his own workshop.

Child psychologist and Boblins consultant Julie Casey says the makers of the series wanted to offer parent and children viewers much more than the opportunity to keep busy and have fun.

“Watching the Boblins programmes, as one component of a varied ‘diet’ of activities, can provide opportunities to develop children’s relationships, knowledge and skills.

“The characters and stories can provide inspiration for imaginative and creative play, and can provide natural opportunities to develop children’s vocabulary and language skills, as they initiate discussion and ask questions about the programmes.

“The programmes also provide many opportunities for children and adults to talk about a range of topics, such as a character’s feelings, behaviour, why things happen, alternative ways of doing things, and to discuss different viewpoints.”

The makers of Boblins also provide activity packs for their young viewers. Parents can download the activities such as colouring-in pictures, join-the-dots and matching games from, keyword: Boblins.

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