Dance Special: Can't Stop Now - Tuesday 23 October

Dance Special: Can’t Stop Now

Arts Channel – Tuesday 23 October, 8.00pm

In her early thirties, prima ballerina Karen Kain of the National Ballet of Canada was often asked when she would retire. She responded in outrage that she should not retire as she was only beginning to discover who she was and was acquiring the maturity needed to understand what she was doing. Her reaction echoes the sentiments of many older dancers who feel that their age has added depth and wisdom to their performances. After her retirement, Karen Kain still had one desire, to be choreographed by Jiri Kylian, the world famous choreographer of the Netherlands Dance Theatre III Group which includes dancers over the age of 40. This film joins the troupe and Karen, who perform a piece by Kylian with a richness that can only come with age. Interviews reveal the dancers’ perspectives, focusing on what they feel their experience brings to the art form, both physically and spiritually.

Produced by: Productions En Commun and Stormy Nights Productions.

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