Deep Blue Sea - Saturday 3 November

Deep Blue Sea Saturday 3 November, 8.30pm

TV2 brings you heart-stopping action this Saturday night, with the network premiere of Deep Blue Sea, starring Samuel L Jackson, Saffron Burrows, LL Cool J, Michael Rappaport and Thomas Jane.

Hailed as ‘Jaws on steroids’, Deep Blue Sea is a scary descent into sheer horror, as scientists begin experimenting with the brains of sharks. Scientist Dr Susan McAlester (Burrows) has been violating all ethical codes by genetically engineering the DNA of mako sharks – which are already cold-blooded killing machines known for their speed and ferocity.
Her experiments are on the verge of creating medical history, as she is hoping to find the key to the regeneration of human brain tissue. But McAlester has been playing God, and now their day of judgement has arrived. The sharks are smarter, faster, and have changed from dangerous predators into predatory monsters.

Her questionable methods have also put a strain on her relationships with the researchers working with her in the floating laboratory. So now shark experts Carter Blake (Jane) and Sherman Dudley (LL Cool J), and the crew’s financial backer Russell Franklin (Jackson), are in the deep end with her as the sharks begin to exact revenge. With a tropical storm swirling around their sinking vessel, the team find themselves stalked by a terrifying new generation of sharks – they must fight the creatures they helped to create.

Producers Alan Richie and Tony Ludwig were excited by the frightening script. Says Ludwig; “We hadn’t seen anything like it, well, since Jaws. But in that film, the shark was in its own environment. In Deep Blue Sea, the sharks are now in our environment. The basic premise is – what if these monsters were suddenly stalking us where we live?”

Samuel L Jackson also had fun with his part in the movie. He says, “I looked forward to doing this picture, I grew up watching monster movies. Even though this has a different kind of monster, it has all the elements of films like Frankenstein, The Wolfman and of course Jaws. Inside, it is a great monster movie as well as a big chase movie… And I like being chased by things.”

TV2’s Saturday night movie is Deep Blue Sea, 8.30pm.

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