Disgusting and Depraved

eugh. disgusting. Showing a chicken bestiality porno on TV. Granted they didn’t show the cocks’ cock, but it was depraved. I felt so dirty and unclean after watching it.

EML… always pushing the boundaries!

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From the minute I was born, my all time favourite program was PufnStuf. If only there was an island that really was a Living Island. But there isn't. So now, I make do with the fare that is given on Free to Air, and try and have a life outside of it - which seems to be successful! The main thing I want to do is fufil my ambition of living in Egypt for a year, as there is just too much history there to take in on a month long holiday.
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  • MrCynical

    animals having sex with other animals is not bestiality…or is that not what happened?

  • Charter Obligation

    I loved it! Welcome back Eating Media Lunch! We’ve missed you.

    TVNZ has a lot of courage putting it on air – I wish they’d have the courage to show it on a better night/timeslot though.

  • Tui

    Hahaha it was funny…especially when the guy walked in on “them”.

  • chevy

    EML are a bunch of feral Pigs. 20 years ago this porno stuff was unheard of and would’ve had someone fired. I hope TVNZ is PRIVATISED then half the tvnz staff, EML cast& crew would be laid off. Are we stooping this low showing beastality? next thing ya know in 10years TVNZ will be showing kiddy molestorers and everyone will simply accept it as the norm. not this dude coz i’ll be there still clashing with their perverted crap untill the death! does a Leopard change its spots? so dont I :p

  • chevy

    I hope EML come down to Levin the home of the Xtian Taleban coz theres gonna be a good ol lynching by the Xtian posse!! Hehe 😀

  • Tui

    You are too PC Chev. Keep up with the times 😉

  • DevilDodo

    It wasn’t bestiality you morons… It’s called satire.

  • maria

    AAAAAAAAAAAArgh…….. more Jeremy Wells. He’s so negative and slimy! Interesting isn’t it that he finds it so easy to denigrate others but can’t handle the jandal himself! How he stalked Milly Holmes was pretty low and the way he lays into some pretty cool people who basically don’t do much wrong is pretty simplistic!

    What I’d like to see on the show is a little series on Jeremy himself….some of his ex’s and school chums may have some interesting insights into him. From what some of his past buddies say HE is not so incredibly above everyone!

  • MrCynical

    What exactly happened with the chickens?

  • MK

    MrCynical, watch it on TVNZ on Demand and you’ll see!

  • Tui


  • Charter Obligation

    OMG Chevy, please sit down. It was a comedy sketch. Not real ‘bestiality’.

    But go ahead and overreact – conversations like this always bring in more viewers for whatever’s being complained about.