Disney: Return to Halloweentown

Channel Premiere: Return To Halloweentown

Disney Channel – Saturday 13 October, 6.30pm

You’ll be spellbound in October when Disney Channel premieres Return to Halloweentown on Saturday 13 October. Return To Halloweentown follows Marnie who, against her mother’s wishes, goes to college at Halloweentown’s Witch University, where she hopes to be able to embrace her identity as a witch. College is not what she expected, though-magic is forbidden on campus, her brother Dylan is attending the school too, and a trio of wicked sisters are making her life miserable. To make matters worse, an ancient prophecy makes Marnie the target of an evil conspiracy and could change the world and Marnie’s life forever. Marnie needs to marshal all her talents and allies to save the day but will she be in time? Featuring High School Musical star Lucas Grabeel, Return to Halloweentown is the fourth movie in the Halloweentown series and you can catch it this October on Disney Channel.

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