E! - Monday 5 November

Series Premiere: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

E! Channel – Monday 5 November, 10.00pm

A non-scripted family sitcom that follows the comedy and drama that ensues when the Kardashian/Jenner family, a modern-day Brady Bunch, works hard and plays even harder. The series features pop-culture princess Kim Kardashian (26) and her two fiercely competitive (and hormonal) sisters Kourtney (28) and Khloe (23). As the daughters of famed lawyer Robert Kardashian and step-daughters of Olympic gold-medalist Bruce Jenner, these sisters grew up in a world of immense privilege surrounded by celebrities from the moment they were born. A fixture on the Hollywood scene, Kim is a successful entrepreneur, model and actress whose star is shining brighter than ever. While this smart, curvy beauty may have her career in order, her family life is a much different story…Life is always interesting when your mom’s your manager, your sisters are your business partners, your dad’s a conservative Republican and your pre-teen half sisters scan the tabloids for your latest adventures. As the family sets up an anniversary party for Mom and Dad, Kim appears on the Tyra Banks Show for her first big interview while Kourtney deals with relationship drama.

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