Friday 12 October

Eating Media Lunch Friday 12 October, 10.00pm

This Friday, one of the longest running satires in New Zealand television history returns to TV2 for its seventh season.

Eating Media Lunch, hosted by Jeremy Wells, will once again lampoon those fortunate enough to obtain household name status. The media satire show will also continue to subvert and shock those television viewers who missed the Adults Only warning at the start of the programme. Traditionally Eating Media Lunch always kicks off with a review of the year’s most shocking moments (so far) and this season is no exception.
“As predicted 2007 so far has easily been the smuttiest year on record”, says Wells. “Dirty cops, dirty dancing, sex on a plane and even sex with a chicken. Some of it has been so lewd we’ve had to institute a special sealed section just to deal with it all.” This will include never before seen footage of the pornographic film which featured a chicken that was viewed at Police Commissioner Howard Broad’s party in the 1980s.

Episode two features award-winning photographer and film-maker Sean Smith whose recent rare and raw account of US soldiers in Iraq was quoted by Osama Bin Laden in his latest video address.

Later in the series Wells travels to the 16th annual World Impersonators Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. With him are some of New Zealand’s finest look-a-likes: Austin Powers (Orewa), Freddy Mercury (Birkenhead) and Cher (Hamilton).

“It’s a peculiar parallel universe where Clayton’s celebrities from all around the world are vying for their ten minutes of fatuous fame,” says Wells.

From Vegas, to the vagaries of foreign correspondents trying to cover the Iraq war, Eating Media Lunch will be commenting on all aspects of media coverage. The rise of celebrity jailbirds, this year’s shocking PR disasters, and a review of the world’s best loved end of the world scenarios will also feature in the series. Plus, Media Dog creator Anthony Ellison has once more been unleashed to sink his teeth into those who made headlines in 2007.

The climax of the series will be the much anticipated Eating Media Lunch Awards. Now in their fourth year, the EML’s recognise those who have been overlooked for other awards, and include the much coveted New Zealander of the Year Award.

The uncompromising Eating Media Lunch team return this Friday 12 October, 10.00pm on TV2.

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  • Tams

    I kinda like EML but it’s so easy to be sarcastic and poke fun at others….I don’t know whether jeremy is actually that cool with it himself…..and rumour has it that all the girlies he makes fun of, he actually LUSTS after! Interesting concept! ;->

  • MrCynical

    Rumour has it he only has one testicle too.

    Its amazing the kind of things people just make up.

  • ell

    I thought that was Hitler ?

    I can’t wait for the EML Awards at the end of the year.