Friday 26 October

Jamie At Home Friday 26 October, 8pm

Jamie Oliver is back doing what he does best in a second series of Jamie At Home – cooking, at home, with simple, accessible ingredients, including fruit and vegetables grown in his own garden (tonight at 8pm on TV ONE). Each programme is themed around a primary ingredient: it could be a look at all the different varieties of peppers; what you can do with mushrooms; or how to cook furred game.

Oliver says after 10 years of trying to get people to cook, the Jamie At Home series gives him a chance to do what he loves, without any fuss.
“It’s a no-nonsense show. I’m cooking at home and the ingredients are right there so I don’t have to go and source anything. There’s no travelling involved apart from me walking up and down the garden.”

Over the last few years, Oliver has being growing fruit and vegetables. “I think that there’s movement towards people growing their own foods, even if it’s just in a little allotment or even herbs on the windowsill. I want to show people that it’s not hard to do, and the results – cooking your own food straight from the garden – can be spectacular.”

Oliver believes that people are starting to ask questions about where their food comes from and are getting tired of mass-produced stuff. Plus, he adds, “sitting round a table with your friends and family is more important than ever”.

Episode one sees Oliver talking about short ones; long ones; round ones; fat ones; yellow ones; green ones; striped ones; and massive ones – pumpkin and squash, that is. His garden has a bumper crop of fascinating varieties, shapes, colours and textures. Taking them to the kitchen, Oliver makes a warm winter salad of roast duck and pumpkin, with an Asian-style dressing; creating a hearty winter pumpkin soup; followed by some delicate pumpkin fairy-cakes.

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