Gossip Girl gets full season

The CW has picked up a full 22-episode season of its OC-like teen drama Gossip Girl.

It’s the first new show of the 2007-8 season to get picked up for a full season.

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  • chelan

    So…when is this coming out in NZ?

  • MrCynical

    It is just The OC with more internet references

  • Rachel

    chelan: the networks here haven’t announced their pickups for 2008 – but this should be sometime in November when they announce them.

  • MrCynical

    If reaper doesn’t get picked up after this does….*twitch*

  • Marissa

    yeah when is it comming out in NZ. Nothing will ever replace the OC for me. The OC is my fav show . But my friends in USA nd stuff say its pretty good

  • nanisnap

    I just got back from a convieniantly timed trip to the US, during premiere week! This show was great, it will be huge here among the younger crowd. Also, Pushing Daises, Private Practice and Bionic Woman were great shows too! The new season of Desperate Housewives started off well too!

  • meeka

    hey guys, this show is the bomb! if you liked the oc, you will love this show too. i’ve seen the first 2 eps and already i love it. hot guys, hot music, bitchy girls, rich lifestyles and a gossip blog to stir things up. check it!