Jen Ridgely and Kim Corrao: one of the most explosive episodes where the police are called in!

In one of the most explosive episodes of WIFE SWAP, the police are called in at the table meeting for the first time in the show’s history.

Jen Ridgely and her husband Randy, a professional bull rider and steer wrestler, keep tight reins on their children Peyton and Rylee who were born into a rough-edged lifestyle and do chores around the ranch when not in school, practicing their cowhand skills or attending the rodeo. No whining’s allowed in this Delaware family where rugged independence, hard work, competitiveness and frugality take precedence over romance and leisure time.

Travelling to the suburban Ohio home of hair stylist Kim Corrao and her husband Louis, “Cowgirl Jen” encounters a family bred on “la dolce vita” (the sweet life). The Corrao children Sofia and Vittorio feel free to do just about anything around the house, set their own bedtimes, and even write on the walls. They think their party-girl mum shops too much and wears too much makeup. Husband Louis relishes the good life, the passion in his marriage and believes his children should have fun, not chores.

In the first week of the swap, hairdresser Kim has to buckle down to the endless manual work on the Ridgely’s Delaware ranch. She shovels horse manure morning, noon and night, feeds their 42 animals and at the end of the working day spends hours on the phone taking bookings.

Meanwhile, in Ohio “Cowgirl Jen” changes into skimpy clothes and high heels to become mum in the Corrao house where a hard day’s work means chatting at the salon, going out for cocktails and coming home after the family have eaten.

WIFE SWAP, Friday 9th November at 8.30pm on PRIME

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