Marathon - Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 October

Marathon: Ben 10

Cartoon Network – Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 October, from 10.00am – 8pm

You wanted it. You asked for it. We’re giving it to you – the Ben 10 x 10 Marathon!

After Ben Tennyson discovers a strange alien watch in a crashed meteorite, he soon learns that he can transform into ten different alien beings! Each of these aliens has unique super powers and abilities all the while keeping Ben’s 10-year old personality. So, what’s a typical day for Ben? You know, the usual: transforming into ten alien superheroes, fighting against wrong-doers, saving the world, and oh yeah, getting into some kid-style trouble! Tune in to Cartoon Network for the Ben 10 x 10 Marathon, from 10.00am on October 6 for 10 hours each day!

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