November 1

A friend’s 25th wedding anniversary party has Joy wondering why Eddie hasn’t taken better care of her, while Jeff is forced to admit that he is embarrassed by Steph’s sexually suggestive dance moves.

Just as they are about to leave for Stan and Vicki’s 25th wedding anniversary celebration, Eddie admits to having never mailed their RSVP for the big event. But Joy insists that they still go, and once they arrive at the hotel, a chastened Eddie is forced to explain the oversight to their hosts.

While the Woodcocks are happy to be there, Jeff nervously confides in Eddie that he’s always been embarrassed by Steph’s sexually suggestive dancing. Meanwhile, Eddie’s pals Russ and Cofeld join the festivities, happy to have a few moments away from their wives and kids.

‘TIL DEATH: Thursday, 1st November at 7.30pm on PRIME

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