November 2

A mum, who rules her household with an iron fist, trades places with a more relaxed mum whose husband cooks and cleans.

Californians Lori Grimes and her husband Doug are intent on training their teenage children Miles and Ragan to be impeccable family members and corporate citizens.

Lori’s “first time obedience rule” allows no flexibility when she gives direction. Describing herself as strict but loving, this school and church play choreographer and stay at home mum orchestrates her clan with an iron fist.

Husband Doug, a former military man, also expects the utmost precision and conservative moral values – so much so that daughter Ragan studies traditional Irish dancing because the family believes it is the least “suggestive” style.

Her brother Miles has time to spare with practicing piano and banjo, studying, doing chores, and joining in the family sing-alongs.

Tracy West from South Carolina, on the other hand, has a parenting style far more casual and prides herself on her open-mindedness – and it’s reflected in the actions and perspectives of her husband Michael and children Alaina, Alex and Katie. The two older children frequently break their midnight curfews and face no consequences.

Chores aren’t done, no topic of discussion is out of bounds, and traditional family time is nonexistent. Tracy is otherwise occupied with her job at a radio station and her obsession with the online horror-literature world.

Her husband Michael does most of the cleaning and all of the cooking — sometimes making up to four separate dinners for the family that they don’t eat together. Michael believes the happiness of his wife and children are paramount. Tracy sees herself as the cool mum, who’s loved by her family and her children’s friends.

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