November 2

It’s a parade of tantrums in tonight’s episode as Bessa and Jon’s wedding days draw closer.

Bessa is a 26-year-old divorcee with three kids who is about to marry a 19-year-old student/electrician she met in a club only six months ago.

His family hates her, and with good reason.

Bessa isn’t shy about how she gets what she wants from her young groom-to-be. All she has to do is cry and he gives her whatever she wants. Bessa proves to be less than sweet when she gets into an argument with the land owner where her rehearsal dinner is to be held—and is unceremoniously kicked out by police.

Meanwhile Jon gives new meaning to the concept of “emotionally unstable” as he swings violently from rage to tears to all smiles on the day of his wedding to Isaac. By the time the ceremony arrives, Jon has tormented his wedding planner and thrown his family out of his room. Then during his own reception he completely loses it—all over his wedding planner, the caterer, and his new groom.

BRIDEZILLAS, Friday 2nd November at 9.35pm on PRIME

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