Playhouse Disney - Saturday 6 October

New Season Premiere: Handy Manny

Playhouse Disney – From Saturday 6 October, 7pm

“Handy Manny” returns for Season Two on Playhouse Disney this October. With his raucous set of talking tools, hardworking handyman Manny Garcia (voiced by “That 70s Show’s” Wilmer Valderrama) helps his neighbours by taking on their repair projects, no matter how big or small. On 6 October; “Elliot Minds The Store” – When Kelly steps out for a few hours she leaves her brother, Elliot, in charge of her hardware store. The results are disastrous, but fortunately Manny and the tools are there to help out. In “Squeeze Makes A Promise” Squeeze volunteers to take care are Mrs Portillos’ pet chameleon Maurice, and promises to keep the lid closed on the tank. But when Squeeze gets distracted and forgets to keep her promise all kinds of trouble breaks loose. “Handy Manny” will give you all the tools you need for navigating through life when Season Two premieres on Playhouse Disney this October.

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