Ratings Results For TV3's Morning Show Debut.

Well, the ratings are in for ‘Sunrise’ and we guess it’d be a bittersweet morning at TV3. Between 6:30 and 8 A.M. The Show pulled in 13.2 percent of those viewers watching telly aged five and over. This, in comparison to Breakfast’s 53.2 percent share – over on TV1.

Now whilst the 13.2 share is by no means a blow ‘em out of the water success, it is a rise over the same timeslot a week prior (where the channel averaged 8.05 percent). The most disappointing revelation for the network must be the fact that whilst Sunrise pulled in 13.2. The ‘City Impact Church’ show, which screens on 3 before Sunrise also managed a 13.1 percent share, and so contrasting the two it’d be hard not to be disappointed.

Prior to that, Guthy Renker Infomercials and other religious programming “Enjoying Everyday life” drew 7.7 and 9.6 percent respectively.

In TV3’s target demographic things weren’t fairing quite as poorly, Sunrise managed a 17.9 percent share, that said Breakfast also took it up a notch in that market with a 56.7 percent exposure.

There was certainly a positive, or at least interesting ending to TV3’s morning TV debut.
With the timeslot of 8-8:30 A.M. TV3’s share increased by a modest .5 percent. Meantime between Breakfast’s last hour of 8-9 A.M. TVONE tanked losing 13.8 percent (yes, more than Sunrise’s share for their entire program!)

Obviously there could be plenty of reasons for this drop, TVONE would probably argue most people are heading off to work, and as they hold a far more dominant presence in the morning market they stand to loose more. But why then did TV3 increase in that same demographic and time-slot? Perhaps we’re seeing the benefits of a slightly more lifestyle-orientated presentation heading into the morning infotainment/ chat show market. Your thoughts ?

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  • Tui

    Not surprising!

  • reece_555

    how embarrasing for tv3, maybe sunrise will just be on till the end of the rugby world cup??????

  • Graeme

    Speaking of ratings – is this page on TVNZ accurate:



    3 News makes the Top 10, but One News doesn’t?

  • DevilDodo

    Wtf? It’s not a surprise at all that it got the same ratings as the Church show… People probably just didn’t switch channels afterwards.

  • Rachel

    I saw that too Graeme, and presume it was a mistake.

  • TV Blogger

    Nup Guys, According to A.C.Nielsen those ratings are right… But, One News does very well in 5+. Here are the top 10 ratings for All People 5+.
    Bizarre TVNZ wouln’t publish these… Given they show TV1 in quite a good light!

    Fair Go
    Border Security
    Piha Rescue
    One News
    Shortland Street(PM)
    Auction House
    Close Up
    Coronation Street
    Your Money Sorted

  • Menial

    Breakfast Battle Round 2 (Wednesday 3 October 2007):

    Breakfast 2.8 (46.0) / 3.3 (39.9)
    Sunrise 0.8 (16.2) / 0.9 (11.1)

    Breakfast Battle Round 1 (Tuesday 2 October 2007):

    Breakfast 2.8 (53.2) / 3.0 (39.4)
    Sunrise 0.7 (13.2) / 1.0 (13.7)

  • Rogue

    I wonder if Today will make any sort of impact on ratings when it moves back to its usual time slot…?

  • Menial

    Breakfast Battle Round 4 (Friday 5 October 2007):

    Breakfast 1.9 (35.9) / 2.0 (28.8 )
    Sunrise 0.7 (13.4) / 0.6 (8.4)

    Breakfast Battle Round 3 (Thursday 4 October 2007):

    Breakfast 2.2 (41.1) / 2.7 (35.8 )
    Sunrise 0.9 (16.8 ) / 0.9 (11.5)

  • Menial

    For the first four episodes, Sunrise had an average of 0.8% of NZ watching and a 13% audience share. Breakfast had an average of 2.6% and a 40% audience share.

  • Rachel

    More information on the ratings and access is on the AGB Nielsen website.