Saturday 27 October and Sunday 28 October

Just The Job & Let’s Get Inventin’ Saturday 27 October & Sunday 28 October

This weekend on TV2, check out the ambitious, creative and clever Kiwi kids who are featured on local favourites Just The Job and Let’s Get Inventin’.

While series two of Let’s Get Inventin’ is proving that young New Zealanders do have the best ideas in the world, Just The Job is coming up with ways we can all make the most of our skills to find the perfect career. On Saturdays at 4.00pm Just The Job steps in to give young Kiwis a behind-the-scenes look at a range of occupations, with teens trying on different job options for size. Then on Sundays at 5.00pm, Let’s Get Inventin’ teams up kids with wild ideas with all sorts of technical experts, to make their unique concepts reality.
This week Just The Job presenter Clinton Randell checks out three very different, but equally hands-on, careers. Thomas Duncan (16), from Featherston, wants to try commercial fishing, he figures, who wouldn’t want to fish all day for a living? James Tauapou Ikifitu (15), from Western Springs, has an interest in the plumbing business, but wasn’t aware of the variety it offers until he spends some time on the job. And Tui Shepheard (16) loves high-end cars, so decides that a glimpse into the world of auto-finishing Porsches, Maserattis and Ferraris could be the perfect occupation for her.

With 360 hooks to be baited and set, Thomas discovers a day on the water can be fun but involves lots of hard work too. He also learns fishing is a job for the early riser! James discovers that if he chooses plumbing when he leaves school, his skills could be in high demand as an industry labour shortage is expected. Meanwhile Tui has to ask herself whether or not she has the technical mind and eye for detail required for the work she has chosen.

Let’s Get Inventin’ this Sunday asks a question that is slightly less practical: wouldn’t it be great to strap on a device and just take off like Superman? Eight-year-old Kenan Grant from Hamilton thinks it would be amazing. He and Build Buddy Geoff Bell join forces with a range of fun-loving experts to create The Flying Pack, so Kenan can fly to the shops, to school, or anywhere!

Kenan thinks The Flying Pack would solve the traffic problem and be a whole lot of fun as well. Powered by two jet turbine engines, the team build a powerful yet lightweight device capable of lifting his weight. Jet pilot Flight Lieutenant Craig Abela drops in to give advice, and stunt safety guy Mark Harris is on hand to make sure the first test flight is executed safely – giving Kenan his very own flameproof flying suit. Hopefully he will get off the ground!

TV2 is encouraging Kiwi ingenuity and ambition every weekend with Just The Job, Saturday 27 October at 4.00pm, and Let’s Get Inventin’, Sunday 28 October at 5.00pm.

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