Sunday 14 October

Let’s Get Inventin’ Sunday 14 October, 5.00pm

Environmentally conscious kids continue to create new ways of approaching the energy crisis on TV2’s Let’s Get Inventin’.

Like Melanie Ansell – who invented a generator powered by gym equipment that put energy back in the national grid – Michael Feist (aged 12) approached Let’s Get Inventin’ with an idea for reducing our carbon footprints. Michael’s straight-forward, but very clever, invention is called the Suitcase Car, and is ideal for commuters who travel to work on the train or bus.
Michael realised one of the problems with public transport is that many people first have to drive to the station, which means there are still too many cars on the road, plus, people have trouble parking and then must walk from the station to work. Mopeds obviously are not allowed on the trains or buses, and bikes are not only far too cumbersome, they also will leave you sweaty. But, he thought, what if you had a motorised vehicle you could fold up and take on the train or bus with you?

The Suitcase Car is an every-day looking, carry-on sized suitcase that transforms into a solar-powered electric car, and could be the solution to the city’s transport and parking problems. To help him realise his invention, some big names were brought into the Let’s Get Inventin’ Ideas Lounge to brainstorm; robotics expert Dr Robotech, Don Clucus – the inventor of the Whisper Gen, Green MP Nandor Tanczos, plus Auckland mayoral candidate John Banks. Banks is so impressed he takes the first test drive through the streets of Newmarket, while Tanczos praises the global benefits of this invention and it’s potential to reduce greenhouse emissions.

As with every bright idea realised on Let’s Get Inventin’, Michael is faced with a Goober Challenge to test out the finished product. He must take the Suitcase Car on a rush hour commute in the Auckland traffic – racing against his Dad to get to work… Oh, and did we mention Michael’s Dad happens to be a racing car driver? This no doubt will be where his automotive abilities have come from!

Can Michael and his Suitcase Car beat his racing car driver Dad to work? Find out on Let’s Get Inventin’, Sunday 14 October at 5.00pm, and Saturday 20 October at 10.00am on TV2.

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  • chris richards

    the let’s get inventing **** didn’t give it back to him….
    those ****

  • Melanie Ansell

    Melanie Ansell is kwl!!!

  • Melanie Ansell

    Melanie Ansell is kwl!!!