Sunday 28 October

Lion Man Sunday 28 October, 7.00pm

Lions, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars… All the big cats are back on TV2 with the new series of The Lion Man.

Zion Wildlife Gardens is flourishing, and is now the largest big-cat sanctuary in Australasia, with one of the finest collections of rare and endangered big-cats in the world. They have recently introduced a host of endangered new cats to the park, including jaguars and three white lions.
When The Lion Man documentary series first began, Zion had 18 Cats. The park now has more than 50 – and the expansion at the park is incredible. Large habitats for the cats are about to be opened – allowing them to roam on seven acres of savannah-like settings. The population growth at the park is putting pressure on accommodation so a huge new tiger enclosure is being built. This will give more space for the pride of wild Barbary lions, and for the hand-reared lions, including some of our favourite characters from last season – Zion, Gandor and Shikira.

Importantly the park is now running a major breeding programme. The park now boasts nine white lions. One of the most exciting features of this series is the highly significant births, including incredible footage of white lions being born to lionesses Emvula and Emafu. These will be the first white lion cubs born in New Zealand! Rewa the Tiger is also pregnant, so viewers can look forward to lots of new tiger cubs on our screens.

Fans of the little cubs from series one and two will now see them as troublesome teenagers – keeping the team busy night and day coping with their demands.

Other highlights of this season include Lion Man Craig Busch continuing his international travels as he delivers his cats to South Africa for the first time, in one of the most unique breeding programmes in the world. While in Africa, Craig will also head out on safari in Tanzania. New challenges for the staff back at Zion also arise with the arrival of the beautiful jaguars.

So climb on board the safari as we return to Zion for more adventures of The Lion Man, TV2 Sunday 28 October, 7.00pm.

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