The Good Samaritan - Sunday 21 October

Sunday Theatre: The Good Samaritan Sunday 21 October, 8.30pm

Three men, two wives and one rooftop… Shane Richie (Eastenders) heads the cast of tonight’s Sunday Theatre: The Good Samaritan as Brian Guest, a man who has the best of intentions but always seems to get things wrong (at 8.30pm on TV ONE). Separated from his wife, Lucy, (Louise Delamere), Guest is desperate for a reconciliation, in spite of her continued rebuttals and the questionable advice of colleague Ralph (George Costigan), a known practical joker.

Richie says Brain Guest is unlike any character he has played before, and in the beginning, he is at his lowest ebb.
“His wife, Lucy, wants a divorce but typically he thinks a day apart will get them through this little glitch. In disbelief about his wife’s request for a divorce, Brian receives a phone call from someone on a roof threatening to commit suicide. At first, Brian thinks it’s his prankster friend Ralph playing a practical joke, and talks him into jumping.

“After a while, he realises that the phone call was genuine and spends time and money trying to make amends to Hannah, the lady who he thinks he is responsible for making a widow,” he says.

While filming on top of the Renaissance hotel in the city centre of Manchester was a memorable experience for Richie, it wasn’t entirely without fear.

“It was great. I could see the whole of Manchester for miles. It’s such an amazing view from up there and it felt like the whole of the city was staring up at me. I think half of them wanted me to come down and the other half were probably thinking, “jump, you cockney!”.

“The scene was fun at first, but after a while I realised it was quite dangerous. I was suddenly very aware of the height involved. It was a great scene and atmospherically it had to be done and couldn’t be done any other way. It had to be done for real.”

Tonight’s Sunday Theatre: The Good Samaritan sees Brian Guest waiting at home for his wife to call. Then an unexpected phone call from a male voice, sets Guest on a journey of epic proportions.

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