Tuesday 16 October: Shelly Unwin (Sally Lindsay) returns to the Street

Coronation Street Tuesday 16 October, 7.30pm

Actor Sally Lindsay has not closed the door on Coronation Street and her beloved character Shelley Unwin (tonight at 7.30pm on TV ONE). Returning to be bridesmaid at her mother Bev’s wedding to Fred Elliott, residents of Weatherfield discovered Shelley is pregnant with Charlie Stubbs’ baby.

Lindsay says Shelley enjoys catching up with friends and family but is really happy to be living away in the Peak district, enjoying her new life in the pub. Although her mother is horrified to discover the pregnancy, Shelley feels it is the only positive thing to come out of her life after two years of hell, and she isn’t bothered by who the father is. “She doesn’t want the father to know and wants to bring the baby up on her own. It is a very wanted baby, even though Charlie is the father.”
“Shelley will be an amazing mum. I think she will be extremely organised and very caring, and I am sure she will dote on her little boy or girl,” she says.

When Tracy discovers the pregnancy, she is convinced Shelley will try and manipulate Charlie, like Tracy did with Steve. “She thinks Shelley is after Charlie for his money, or to get back with him, but she honestly isn’t. She doesn’t care about Charlie. Tracy tars Shelley with her own brush.”

But Shelley isn’t scared of Tracy: “She just thinks she is a sad manipulative cow, and she has never been any respect for her. They are poles apart.”

On tonight’s episode, Tracy demands that Charlie get Shelley to abort the baby, and Shelley just wants to get far away from Weatherfield and from all the commotion, Lindsay says.

“She runs out of the backyard of the pub to get a cab, but Charlie comes to find her in the back and pins her against the wall. He looks at one point as though he is going to smack her, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t expect her to react so coolly and she stands up to him. It’s really empowering for Shelley.”

Lindsay says it’s nice to be able to come back to Coronation Street. “I have never closed that door and I love the character of Shelley. Who knows what might happen in the future. She might be back with a baby in tow!”

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