TV3's 2008 Season Launch

Tonight we were at TV3’s new season launch at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, hosted by Rove McManus (yay!) and Peter Helliar.

New shows are Journeyman, Bionic Woman, Life, Californication, Women’s Murder Club, Lipstick Jungle, Back to You, Cane and New Amsterdam.

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New NZ shows: none mentioned.

Returning NZ shows include Outrageous Fortune, Downsize me, Target, Money Man, Sticky TV, Deal or No Deal, bro’Town and Pulp Sport.

Returning international shows include all the CSI shows, Prison Break, Sea Patrol, House, Boston Legal, Bones, Biggest Loser, Survivor, Rove, My Name is Earl and The Office.

Movies include King Kong, Mr and Mrs Smith, You Me and Dupree, The Devil wears Prada, Inside Man, X Men: the last stand, Miami Vice, Walk the Line, Nanny McPhee, The Break Up, The Holiday, Fever Pitch, Shop Girl, Fast and the Furious, Garfield 2, Ice Age 2, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Big Momma’s House 2.

News and Current Affairs: TV3 will build on its online news presence strengths, continue with Sunrise and Midday News which are “doing well” and build on 3 News, Campbell Live, 60 Minutes and Nightline which are doing “incredibly well”. CanWest MediaWorks NZ chief executive Brent Impey said that their aim with Sunrise was to “get ahead of the other guys” and that Midday had already achieved that.

Sport: TV3 were “happy with the production” of their Rugby World Cup coverage and with their advertisers’ support. Upcoming sporting events include A1GP, V8 Super Cars, Melbourne Cup, and Shane Cameron’s boxing matches.

Programming decisions: as mentioned earlier on Throng, TV3 will be spreading out the airing of new shows and will have a “strong summer schedule” with new shows starting all the way through December and January.

Their aim over time is to move their air dates closer to US air dates. They point to being only a few weeks behind the US with Heroes – for two reasons: fans of the show are dedicated and loyal fans; fans are less likely to illegally download if shows screen less than two weeks behind the US.

We spoke with programmer Kelly Martin, who introduced the new season launch and asked why 24 screened so far behind the US. She explained that they held off until after the rugby world cup but want to air next year’s show much closer to the US date. I also asked why Home and Away screened 6 weeks behind Australia, when Neighbours screens only a week behind Australia. She said originally this was a technical issue but there was no reason why we couldn’t catch up this summer and be a week behind Australia and would keep it in mind.

Rove and Peter

Rove and Peter were pretty funny as hosts. They were flown in especially for the event and enjoyed making jokes about NZ, such as the need for a CSI:Whakatane (of course he couldn’t resist the ongoing Whaka- joke), playing a drinking game while watching The Biggest Loser (each time someone cries you have to take a drink), Helen Clark being a woman’s name and One Tree Hill being a let down.

They also tried coming up with slogan ideas for TV3 such as “screw you TV1” and “Better than number 2’s”.

TV3 made special mention of the success of Outrageous Fortune, how it is being adapted in both the UK and US.

We also met CEO Brent Impey, helpful publicist Nicole Wood (nice to finally put a face to her name!), the always friendly and lovely newly engaged couple Brooke Howard-Smith and Amber Peebles and down to earth James Coleman.

Oh and one little observation: the TVs all around the room weren’t widescreen or flatscreen…

TV3 2008 Launch

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  • Rachel

    If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. There wasn’t a printed out list of shows so I hurriedly scribbled these all down! Oh and I’m sorry I totally forgot to ask if Sunrise will be on over summer but I am guessing not?

  • nzgabriel

    Sounds like a great event to attend. Wish I could have been there…

  • Tui

    Sounded like and looked like it was a lot of fun! Hopefully one day I can go haha.
    TV3 have a great lineup coming… but I kinda feel annoyed at the comments towards TVNZ.

  • It’s spelt “Helliar” not Hellier.

  • Rachel


  • Rachel

    Interesting bit on Wikipedia; New Amsterdam‘s fate doesn’t look too promising:

    “On Tuesday, October 16, 2007, an article in The Hollywood Reporter stated that production on New Amsterdam has been shut down indefinitely, with seven episodes of the series in the can. The article also mentioned that Fox has decided to take a look and then decide whether or not to order new episodes, something considered unlikely.”

  • falconernz

    Yeah overall I’d say TV3’s New Shows for 2008 appear weak. Californication and Life appear to be the two best ones. But the others in particular Cane are weak. Many shows in the US that would be getting canned in a normal fall season are being kept on air because of the impending writers strike and the lack of content.

  • Congrats on a NZ network finally realising that file sharing does exist and that it is aiming to air shows closer to their US air dates to combat this.

    Good work TV3!

    One thing that surprised me is no mention of an online strategy (eg like TVNZ on demand)

  • Charter Obligation

    Great report Rachel! Well done.

  • nanisnap

    Bionic Woman, Life and Californication are good shows, don’t know about the rest of them. Doesn’t look like a very strong lineup. Then again I don’t think they really knew the fate of a lot of shows because the US networks are keeping many poorly rating shows in case of the Hollywood Strike next year.

  • Rachel

    People seem to be raving about Journeyman on Throng too.

  • reece_555

    if you dont have the ABC-Walt Disney contract then your stuffed thats my opinion.
    I think 2008 TVNZ’s lineup will be as good as this years maybe better. TV3’s lineup is weak and will be tired like this years one but im looking foward to back to you next year.

  • nanisnap

    It’s true, the ABC contract is huge and ABC have buzz about pretty much all their new season shows this year. Good one, TVNZ.

  • sirjakos

    did they say anything about HD like what standard they are planing to use

  • Rachel

    Nope, no mention of HD sadly 🙁

  • Tui

    That doesn’t look like a TV..was it a projector?

  • Rachel

    There were about 6 TVs around the room, and a projector screen which you can see in the photo.

  • Tui

    Ahhhh. Now I understand what you meant by your text :$

  • 99intheshade

    Any word on TVNZ’s launch? I heard it was last night?