TVNZ announces exclusive strategic partnership with Bebo

TVNZ and Bebo today announced an exclusive strategic partnership which will offer advertisers access to a combined audience of over 1.5 million New Zealanders, and Bebo users access to TVNZ premium content.

Bebo has chosen TVNZ as its exclusive partner for selling display and video advertising in New Zealand, combining Bebo’s global reputation and TVNZ’s local strengths in content delivery. This is TVNZ’s first agreement of its kind with a social networking site.

TVNZ Chief Executive Rick Ellis says the partnership is a significant example of the broadcaster’s commercial flexibility and willingness to enter strategic partnerships.

“This collaboration brings together the country’s largest broadcaster and largest website.
Through our channels and online services – TVNZ ondemand and – and Bebo’s market prominence, advertisers will have an exceptional opportunity for greater reach and efficiency. This partnership will mean that we can offer a one stop shop making it easier to run campaigns and reach consumers.”

Bebo has the largest number of page views of any website in New Zealand and has more than doubled its online audience in the past year. It also holds the top position in the New Zealand social networking market.

Bebo’s General Manager Australia and NZ, Francisco Cordero, says the partnership with TVNZ is an important development in Bebo’s presence in New Zealand.

“This partnership enables advertisers to connect with consumers in a place where they interact with friends and consume media and entertainment. It also delivers premium content to Bebo’s users including TVNZ’s news, current affairs and entertainment, while allowing us to benefit from TVNZ’s scale, experienced sales force, advertiser relationships and industry leading technology capabilities.”

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  • Tui

    Came out a week later than expected…still good for TVNZ though 🙂

  • reece_555

    ……….. yay bebo users (younger people) would love to view TVNZ news and current affairs NOT. wot a stupid partnership, a station like C4 would be better not TVNZ.

  • MrCynical

    news and current affairs…

    yeah thats what bebo users wants, updates on whats going on in palestine in between personality quizzes and emo lyrics.

    They will probably simulcast Coro

  • campgrrls

    Are you saying that bebo users have no interest in current events, local and/or international? As a bebo user I don’t think I fit into that pattern.

  • MrCynical

    Oh dear god woman, just grab a tissue already. Not everything in the world has to apply to you you know

  • Tui


  • campgrrls

    Ah,Mr C,if I was only interested in stuff to do with myself, would I be attending to local and international news in various on and offline platforms. I’m just pointing out that there’s a limit to stereotypes that you seem to adhere to so slavishly. As evidence, my own experience can be something I can be sure of.

    Free your mind. Look beyond the most obvious stereotypes.

  • Rachel

    It’s a smart idea getting into the Bebo world and if you target it right, news/current affairs can be relevant to people of all ages. If they’re just re-running their standard TV ONE ads for the news/Close Up then it *may* not be as effective. TV2 shows would be a different story – Studio 2, Shortland Street etc would be easy to market.

    TVNZ has shown it can be innovative and leading in the online space for broadcasters in New Zealand – YouTube, ondemand, streamed previews etc – so I’m looking forward to see what they do with the opportunity.

  • MrCynical

    It is called marketing, you market to certain age groups, prefessions, genders, ethnicities, whatever. There will always be people outside the target market that will also enjoy the same product or service, which is fine, but if it wasn’t for generalisations, marketing would be buggered.