Wednesday 10 October

The Investigator Wednesday 10 October, 9.30pm

When 51-year-old public servant Norrie Triggs died behind the locked door of his Wellington flat in 1996 it was a mystery worthy of an Agatha Christie novel. He had received a large number of blows to one side of his body, one of which had damaged his skull so severely that he bled to death inside his brain.

But who gave Triggs his beating and why? And did he receive the injuries while he was in his flat or when he was out on the town? Bryan Bruce looks the case in The Investigator, tonight at 9.30pm on TV ONE.
As the police tried to solve the riddle of Triggs’ homicide, they discovered that the Wellington office worker was not as ordinary as he first appeared. A notebook found in his flat contained the names of nearly 900 women and follow-up inquiries by the police revealed that he was something of a Casanova, who regularly had sex with a lot of different women.

The police had a female suspect, but after exhaustive inquiries they came to the conclusion that they did not have enough evidence to lay any charges against her.

“The public have a right to be concerned when any homicide is left unsolved,” says Bruce. “I wanted to know why the police had not brought charges against anyone after 14 years. However, when I asked that question, the policeman now in charge of the case, Detective Inspector Mike Arnerich of the Wellington CIB, made it clear to me that the only way I would get information from him was through the Official Information Act. It took 18 months to get some key documents released to me.”

What Bruce discovers takes viewers on a fascinating journey into what it takes to establish a prima facie case against anyone, which ends with Bruce putting his findings to one of the nation’s top criminal lawyers.

And the result? Stay tuned.

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