Aussie's Behind The Times

I talking to Aussies about their TV being behind NZ’s. They just played the finale of the Sopranos this week. hey love to think NZ is behind the times but when watching Rove I notice the start dates of movies mostly begins earlier in NZ. One thing has changed the late screening of top U.S. series. OZ like NZ have started airing Heroes one week after it played in the U.S. to combat internet viewing.

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I am 6 months behind on my TV watching. 70 videotapes recorded in LP with 6-10 hours on each and now 80 DVD's with 4 hours on each. At least I don't have to watch the ads.
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  • Charter Obligation

    Yes you can’t always assume NZ is way behind with everything. More and more movies have a worldwide release date – so we’re actually the first in the whole world to see them!

  • Rachel

    They’re well ahead of us with Californication, Heroes, House, Prison Break, Supernatural, The Office and more. Channel Nine and Ten are heavily promoting their “fast-tracked” shows from the US where they are less than a week – sometimes only hours – behind the US air dates.

  • nanisnap

    …And so they should be. All networks worldwide should play US shows as soon as possbile after their US premiere. Get with the times, people will just download it if the networks take too long.

  • Lucas73

    They are not well ahead of us with Heroes. It screens in NZ and OZ one week after the US.

  • Rachel

    Season 2 started in the US on September 24, started on Channel 7 in Australia on October 4 and started on TV3 on 22 October?

  • Hero

    So how is it that the torrent for episode 6 of Heroes is has been available for download since the middle of last week? We are 3-4 weeks behind.

  • nanisnap

    3-4 weeks is still a darnload better than we used to get, I hope TV3 uses this summer to play catch up so we can reach the one week mark by next season. Although I wonder if the Hollywood strikes will have any effect on TV3 now that their screening shows so close to US dates.

  • Lucas73

    Well, no new Daily Show this week, just repeats. The strike hits latenight comedy talkshows first then daily soaps then your favourite primetime shows unless they are in the can already.