Cheryl West is Auckland's Best

Metro magazine has named Outrageous Fortune‘s Cheryl West as Woman of the Year in its 2008 Best of Auckland Awards (as featured in the December 2007 issue).

The magazine said: “Okay, we know Cheryl isn’t, you know, a real person. But as far as we’re concerned the Outrageous Fortune character, played by Robyn Malcolm, proves there is such a thing as Westie Civilisation. She’s the unpretentious, stoic linchpin of a typical dysfunctional Auckland family. She’s been cheated on and survived. Tough and self reliant, she’s a great expression of Auckland independence. And yes, she still looks sizzling in a pair of jeans. What can we say but: Westside Forever!”

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  • Tui

    Wow cool 😀

  • nanisnap

    Awesome, I love being a West Aucklander!
    Westside Forever.