Disney: Saturdays from 8 December

Premiere Series: Johnny And The Sprites

Disney Playhouse – Saturdays from 8 December, 12.00pm

Your playful friends, Johnny and The Sprites, bring all new episodes to Saturdays this December on Playhouse Disney. Starting on 8 December is “Ginger and the Shell” – When Ginger finds Lily’s lost shell, she really, really wants to keep it for herself. It takes a song to teach her an important lesson: you don’t always get to “keep what you find” if it belongs to someone else. In “Fuzzie’s Day Off” – The Fuzzies take a song-filled day off, leaving the Sprites to take care of the Grove on their own. The Sprites soon realize exactly how much the Fuzzies do to help them—and realize that a large thank-you is definitely in order.

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  • Le1

    I am trying to locate Johnny and the sprites on DVD but have had no luck other than Amazon in the US.

    Does anyone know where I can source the Disney DVD in NZ?

    Thanks 🙂