Final - Saturday 24 November


The investigation into a drive-by shooting reveals one of the victims was leading a double life.

During a heist on a jewellery shop, a teenage girl called Hayley is killed in the getaway. The getaway driver, Tony, is injured and caught. On the way from hospital to the police station to give a statement, a motorcyclist pulls up alongside the police car and shoots him dead, along with his police driver Eddie Carter. Janine and Richard, only metres away from the car, are lucky to survive. Ellie, Janine’s daughter finally gives her mother an ultimatum; she is off to stay with her dad and won’t come back until she gets another job. Feelings soon run high as Janine investigates the shooting, could it be Hayley’s boyfriend avenging her death, or the jewellery thieves trying to shut him up?

BLUE MURDER, Saturday 24th November at 8.40pm

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