Friday 23 November

Eating Media Lunch
Friday 23 November, 10.00pm

From spectacular PR disasters to alien encounters and the coveted EML awards, Eating Media Lunch continues to fly in the face of common sense.

In this Friday’s episode, Jeremy Wells examines this the country’s most spectacular PR disasters of the year; from the Ribena debacle to the Mercury Energy tragedy, and of course the high profile police sex scandals.
Eating Media Lunch special correspondent Wallace Chapman then goes in search of alien encounters at a UFO conference in Rotorua, which he describes as “a very spooky time.”

The following week, Wells will travel to the 16th annual World Impersonators Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. With him are some of New Zealand’s finest look-a-likes, including; Austin Powers (Orewa), Freddy Mercury (Birkenhead) and Cher (Hamilton).

“It’s a peculiar parallel universe where pretend celebrities from all around the world are vying for their ten minutes of fatuous fame,” says Wells.

The climax of the series will be the much anticipated EML Awards. Now in their fourth year the EML’s recognize those in the public eye who have been overlooked for other awards. Some of the hotly contested awards include; Outstanding Moment in a Reality Show, Best Use of Offensive Language and Best Live Television Performance. Then the highly-anticipated and much coveted title ‘New Zealander of the Year’ will be awarded.

“We’ve seen some award-winning performances this year in all sectors of the community; from the police, to alleged terrorists and of course current affairs journalists,” says Wells. “It will be so hard to winnow out the winners.”

Eating Media Lunch, 10.00pm Fridays on TV2.

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