Heroes: Origins cancelled

Sadly, NBC has indefinitely shelved the Heroes: Origins six episode spin-off show. The idea of the show was that viewers could vote in a new character onto the main show.

Kevin Smith, Eli Roth, Michael Dougherty and John August were some of the actors people said to be working on the show.

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  • DevilDodo

    None of those people are actors… They’re writer/directors.

    Apparently this has something to do with the WGA strikes.

    Meh, Heroes is rubbish now anyway…

  • Lucas73

    Kevin Smith acts.

  • DevilDodo

    True that… my bad. Though I’m pretty sure he was involved in this as a writer/director.

  • nanisnap

    WGA are on strike now so there is now way they would have been able to put the show together in time, especially if the actors and directors strike in July as well.