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In a shock turn of events, James ‘Scotty’ Scott (Kiel McNaughton) pulls the plug on his blossoming relationship with Shanti Kumari (Nisha Madhan) this week. Right from the beginning, Shanti’s cultural Indian heritage has made her relationship with Kiwi-born Scotty, difficult. When her brother Sunil (Monil Anand) puts pressure on Scotty – and threatens that Shanti will be forced to return to India if their relationship continues, Scotty is forced to make a difficult decision. Will Shanti understand the motivation for his actions, or will her heart be broken?

Detective Inspector Lara Wade (Anna Henare) has been feeling the heat for failing to narrow down her list of potential murder suspects. But this week on Shortland Street, Lara once again turns her attentions to Dr Gavin Capper (Tim Schijf), when she drags him over the coals about his behaviour towards women. Striking a nerve, Gavin takes the bait and loses his cool – only serving to accelerate him in to the position of top suspect. Is Lara finally on the right track – or is she grasping at straws?

New Nurse Tracey Morrison (Sarah Thomson) has proved unpopular with more than one staff member since her arrival at the hospital. Her flirty attitude hasn’t washed with James ‘Scotty’ Scott (Kiel McNaughton) who has made his disapproval clear on more than one occasion. So when Tracey fails to show up for work with no explanation, an angry Scotty thinks he may finally have reason to dismiss the troublesome nurse. But when it is revealed by Detective Lara Wade (Anna Henare) that Tracey has been reported missing, Scotty and the other hospital staff are left unsettled. Where is Tracey? Is it possible she has met the same fate as some of her previous work mates at the hand of the Ferndale serial killer?

Watch this space, as we inch ever closer to the final episodes of 2007!

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