Kath & Kim - Look at Shane Warne! - Sunday November 25


Look at moi! Look at moi! Look at Shane Warne!

Sunday, November 25th at 7:30pm on 3

Kath & Kim are joined by cricketing legend Shane Warne as they bid adieu from Fountain Lakes for another year on Sunday, November 25th at 7:30pm on 3.

Yes, Sharon’s (Magda Szubanski) lifelong dreams have come true as she finally, finally gets her chance with her hero and love crush Shane “Warnie” Warne.

She may not be as much of a looker as Warnie’s previous wife Simone, but Sharon will adore Warnie until the day he parts as the unlikely couple prepare to say “I do” on the hit show.

But will Kim (Gina Riley) let her second best friend Sharon have her wildest dream come true, or will she stay true to form and try and make the day her own? It wouldn’t be Kath & Kim if Kim didn’t try the latter and aim to steal Warnie for herself.

As Kim told The Daily Telegraph, “It’s a dream come true – for Shane that is.”

She went on to say “Shane’s really lucky to have met a couple of Foxymorons like us.”

The appearance of Shane Warne caps of another hugely successful series for Gina Riley and partner Jane Turner, who plays Kath. With huge ratings both in Australia and New Zealand, as well as guest stars like Little Britain’s Matt Lucas and David Walliams, it’s no wonder the Yanks want to develop the series for themselves.

Turner and Riley are working with US executives on the American version of the show, and are expected to fly over in July when production is believed to begin on the series.

Tune in for the final of Kath & Kim as Shane Warne bags yet another of Australia’s foxiest ladies, screening Sunday, November 25th at 7:30pm on 3.

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