Living Channel - Wednesday 5 December

Premiere: How Not To Decorate

The Living Channel – Wednesday 5 December, 7.30pm

Colin and Justin are on a mission to save poorly decorated houses from design disaster! Whether the problem is textured wall-coverings, floral carpets or horrible paint effects, infamous designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan are on the case. Each episode begins with the pair visiting the offending house and interrogating the owners to find out their motivation for living in such a design disaster zone. While Colin and Justin’s designs are always stylish, they are often radical and the pair sometimes have a hard time convincing the homeowners to embrace their plans. The work to the house must be done in under a week, and Colin and Justin’s demands stretch the manpower and the budget. Tempers are frayed, eyebrows are raised and stress levels are high – will the homeowners be happy with their new stylish homes or will they think Colin and Justin have made an ever bigger mess?

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