Saturday 24 November

Jimmy’s Farm Saturday 24 November, 7.30pm

Jimmy Docherty has given up academia to become a pig farmer. The new British series, Jimmy’s Farm follows the Essex boy as he attempts to resurrect a derelict pig farm in Suffolk, despite having no farming experience (tonight at 7.30pm on TV ONE).

With a little business advice and financial help from his mate Jamie Oliver, Docherty sets out to renovate a crumbling farm and realise his dream to establish a pig farm producing the highest quality pork, sausages and bacon from his herd of rare breed British pigs.
Working with the Rare Breed Survival Trust, he wants to bring back from near-extinction the Essex pig that was legendary in the 1930s – now only about 100 of these pigs are left in the country. The head of the Belfast Zoo is going to help select the Essex Pigs needed for this new venture, and using traditional methods of breeding, the pigs will be left to roam free in the 30 acres of woodland, foraging for the abundant natural foods available.

People living in the city can buy into his dream, but his task is full of conflict and jeopardy. Docherty only has a limited budget, yet believes he will make £25,000 a year profit. The Small Farmers’ Association disagrees and says at best he won’t make a profit for two years. There is nobody else is the country selling Essex pig meat, so as well as creating the supply, Docherty has to encourage a demand and find an outlet for his traditional foods.

Watch episode one of Jimmy’s Farm tonight to see his struggles with day-to-day life on the farm – from fencing to bureaucracy and a fast dwindling budget. Docherty’s goal of having an on-site farm shop to sell his top quality produce sometimes seems to be out of reach, but endless enthusiasm, a huge amount of back-breaking work, and the help of some really good friends, sees his dream slowly become a reality.

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