The Secret Life Of Otters - Sunday 2 December

NZ TV Premiere: The Secret Life Of Otters

Animal Planet – Sunday 2 December, 8.30pm

The beauty, intelligence and playful personalities of otters mean they are universally endearing. Unfortunately, their secretive nature means that otters are seldom seen in the wild and even more rarely filmed. In this anthology, stunning natural history footage delves into the secret lives of four of the most fascinating species of otter, depicting an existence now inextricably linked with mankind. The otters featured in the documentary come from different parts of the world: the European otter, the sea otter from North America, the giant otter from South America and the smooth-coated otter from Asia.

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  • Jack

    Is there any way to buy a copy of this?

  • Chels

    YEA i would also love to buy a copy of this